How To Grow

Grow in a border

  • For maximum success use a friable humus rich soil with access to adequate moisture
  • Dig a hole, slightly bigger than the depth of the rootball
  • Add well-rotted organic matter such as manure or compost
  • Water the plant thoroughly after planting

Grow in a pot

Growing Clematis Celebration in a pot is easy.

  • Make sure the pot is at least 25 litres
  • Use a loam-based compost such as John Innes No. 1
  • Avoid using plastic pots as they will not protect the roots from frost
  • Cover the surface of the soil with gravel or pebbles

Pruning your plant

Pruning is optional but if you want to produce a balanced, vigorous plant then you need to prune immediately after the double spring flowers have finished.

What to avoid

The key to a beautiful Clematis Celebration is maximum sun and minimum feeding so avoid shady areas and overfeeding. Celebration is so strong and vigorous that it needs hardly any fertiliser at all yet still grows beautifully. If you do overfeed it or after potting in fresh compost the foliage will not achieve the amazing brilliant gold colour until the surplus fertilizer has been used up by the plant.